Monday, March 31, 2008


I was reading the internet this weekend while waiting for a delivery. And I can't link to it, because I can't remember how I got to the article (love clicking through links!), but there was an op-ed piece on Clinton and female support. The gist of the piece was that women should vote for her because she is a woman.


I am a woman. I even think of myself as a feminist. But I refuse to vote for someone JUST BECAUSE we share the same gender. Hell, feminism to me means that I DON'T take into account gender to make decisions. I don't care if a candidate for POTUS has a vagina or a penis. I don't care what color of skin s/he may have. I just care that I agree with their positions more than the other candidates.

You know, 40+ years ago, MLK dreamed a dream for his kids. I want my kids also to be judged for the depth of their character, not their external characteristics. I have a daughter and a son. And I hope that in the future, they are judged by their work.

Sadly, that day is not here yet. My daughter is growing up in a world that still is immersed in a double standard. It is better than in my grandmother's day. Hopefully it will be better someday. I will say, I am happy that I am seeing a time where serious candidates for POTUS reflect a wide variety of backgrounds, including the fact that Obama is the son of an immigrant from Kenya.

And for those who think all is hunky-dory, there's still underlying attitudes that women can't do things. I just have to think about the attending who told me to my face when I was a resident that women don't belong in operating rooms.

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