Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tattoo, Tattoo!!!

Watched a documentary last night on tatts. Interesting.

As a doctor, you see lots of tatts on people. Some are truly works of art and some...well...should be regretted. I STILL remember a tramp stamp (a tatt on the small of your back) on a patient when I was a med student. "Exit only" with an arrow pointing down. Sigh. Just recently I saw a beautiful tatt - footprints with her kids' names on her foot.

Just remember ladies, that young, flat abdomen you have now will not be that way later. Most women get stretch marks and those make tatts look ugly. And please don't put one right down by the pubic hairline - it's a bitch to sew skin when there is a tatt to match up.

And also, if you have lots of tatts, no fair whining about needles and injections. You will have ZERO credibility. Trust me.

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