Monday, September 22, 2008

Random thoughts about musicals

I love musicals. Love. Them. Listened to many while driving this weekend to a conference.

Some nominations for various categories:

Best intro: Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber. The overture playing as the chandelier rises...

Best song, lyrics: You Got to Be Carefully Taught from South Pacific. A primer on how hatred arises.

Least Appreciated: Chess, Tim Rice and the dudes from ABBA. Outdated plot, but interesting musically. Also extremely pessimistic.

Best misintepretation of a song from a Musical: Whitney and Cissy Houston "I Know Him So Well" from Chess. It's obvious that they do not know the source.

Favorite Character: Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar. Interesting character, propels plot, some cool songs. I usually sing this character when I listen to JCS.

Best song, music: All I Ask of You from Phantom. Lush and romantic (my style) and very hummable.

Favorite memory: Taking my DD to her first one...she was great! And now I have someone who loves them as much as I do (she goes to sleep listening to Phantom).

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