Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, this summer has been eventful. I left my old private practice and opened up a solo practice as a hospital employee. Part of the contract involves supervising Gyn portion of the free clinic here in town.

I'm having so much fun! Working my tail off, lots of people to be seen. A lot of pathology, uteruses weighing over a kilo, a 5 pound dermoid, seeing OB patients for the first time a week before the EDC (scan done early in the ER, so dates are good). It's a lot like residency, but a lot more fun. Even in rural areas, we have the crack inductions of labor. ;)

And to top it off, another Gyn in town in leaving. I heard from a friend who works in his office...he is writing a letter to give to the hospital. That just means more work for those who remain, which is dwindling fast.

Primary care is in trouble. OB-Gyn is not far behind. The number of new graduates going into either is falling. And you wonder why it can take months to get into a's because we're overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done. And I can only see so many patients per hour and work only so many hours per week.

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