Saturday, February 21, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Contractions are not the same as labor. Yes, you may be experiencing semi-regular pains. But you know what, if your cervix is still posterior and only 1 cm, I'm sending your ass home. You are NOT in labor. Because if I don't, I'll end up "augmenting" you, with a much higher risk of sectioning you for "arrest of dilation" WHEN YOU WERE NEVER IN LABOR TO START WITH!!!!!

There are some people who come in literally EVERY SINGLE DAY.

One of the older docs around told me to offer Visteril to those who abuse the "I think I'm in labor" story. Evidently, it hurts like hell as an injection.


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dr. whoo? said...

Amen! FWIW 10mg of Mor.phine IM works nicely for prodromal labor, too.