Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More randomness

Mom is out of the hospital now...after rewriting Harrison's. ;) DVT, PE, GI bleed, pelvic mass, ARF, hydronephrosis...and she's still refusing to come and be with me. UGH! ***head banging against wall***

Didn't make it up to Dad's grave. Maybe next time.

Just want a q-word call weekend, so I can get things done around the house. I've been away for so long, that my house is an official disaster zone. Plus, spring is in the air and my gardens need tending. I don't rake in the fall (hey, the leaves are mulching the ground!), so spring has a lot of clean-up.

The L&D nurses laugh every time I tell them more of my shitty month. Because I am a shit-magnet. Really.

My car died while in Michigan. Now I have to decide if I'm going to get a new car (mine's 8 years old) or try to repair it and gimp it along for a few more years. My contract actually states that I need a functioning car...I'm currently driving a rental.

Why do I always get the sickest patients? Or the bat-shit crazy ones? My newest nutcase is a heroin addict asking for Percs for her dysmenorrhea. Nope, try some Motrin. She didn't like that answer.

Dogs totally rock.

I have an awesome hubby who is an amazingly patient and kind man.

Never ask "What ELSE can go wrong?" Because something will.

Don't like the "monetize" tab on Blogspot. This is where I vent, gather some thoughts, brag about 2 wonderful kidlets. Then again, money isn't an incentive for me, which is why I like where I'm at - the local hospital is wonderful at letting me be a DOCTOR and not care about the business side. It's why I went to medical school.

I have some wonderful friends as well...keeping me laughing and handing me tissues when I need it.


rlbates said...

Let's hear it for dogs, good husbands, good friends! Take care.

ER's Mom said...