Saturday, November 27, 2010


Just finished my Unthanksgiving** dinner that I fixed for family and friends. Remembering past ones...

Uncle Bud forgetting sugar in the cranberry sauce. *pucker*

Driving to Chicago in late November and getting lost in Chinatown.

Seeing my cousin Anne home from her freshman year of college...I was about 8 and we played a game involving making animal noises.

Being pissed at my mother MY freshman year of college because I wanted to stay in Boston and hang with friends. Instead I got a round-trip ticket to Michigan.

2004, taking care of my 10 month old baby who had had surgery earlier in the week.

My first one at my future in-laws...they have a large extended family who are all local. I think there were close to 50 people at that dinner!

This past year, having lots of friends over for an Unthanksgiving dinner on the Saturday.

**Unthanksgiving is a gathering of friends and family for a good meal but not on Thanksgiving. I host one every year on the Saturday after the official holiday. This year, I made rolls, turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cherry-cranberry chutney, cheesy green beans, pumpkin and apple pies with whipped cream. Everything but the stuffing was made from scratch.

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Nectarine said...

We do something like this pre-Christmas (I usually dub it a Solstice dinner)

It always ends up way less stressful and way more fun than the traditional family get togethers.