Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thinking about where I am


I'm 5 years out from residency. I'm far enough out that I don't have the jitters when I'm in the OR like I did when I first started out. I was terrified to do laparoscopies.

Now scopes are my bread and butter. Do several a week. Rarely decide to convert from scope to open.

Vag hysts were evil. I hated them, they took a couple of hours and I would struggle. Now, I do several per month. I still hate them, for technical reasons - visualization, access to structures I need. I now whine if they take more than 45 minutes. But I'm now good at them...and I'm now the only GYN in town who does them on a regular basis - everyone else does total laparoscopic hysts pretty much exclusively.

I think surgically, I'm at the top of my game now. I've learned little tricks and tips on my own - even told my old GYN-Onc mentor a trick I figured out.

In terms of practice style, I'm close enough to residency to be up-to-date yet have experienced enough to have evolved the begininng of the "Gut feeling."

Experience. Experience. Experience. And that is why we practice.


Anonymous said...

it will keep getting better.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good place to be. btw I just wanted to ask if you have any idea how IMG's who are old graduates (10 year since med school, not practicing in their native countries) fare if they apply for residency?