Friday, July 22, 2011

Soul searching

So my hubby is in the job market. His field is very small, meaning the market is tight. He currently is an instructor at a local college but not tenure track. And he wants to be tenure-track.

That means moving, in all likelihood, next academic year.

I'm not against this. The office the last few months have been awful. I now hate going to work. Not because of the patients, but because the administration dumping more work our way, the other doctor being difficult (at best) to work with, the patient load getting to the point where I feel completely and totally overwhelmed. My contract is coming up soon and I may say the hell with it and fail to renew my contract.

And I don't know where we'll end up. So I'm looking into locuming, since we will need some income. I've poured over the budget, seeing how few days I need to work to keep us afloat. My CV is now updated. I've signed up with some agencies.

It's scary stepping out into space. I'm glad that we're relatively frugal and are savers. It gives me options that I wouldn't have if I had lived it up like many of the other docs in town do. But it's still scary losing the safety net.

I haven't cut loose yet...but if not for hubby's career, then for my sanity and family life. It's getting to be just a manner of time.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Here’s to holding a good thought for your future posting. I hope that it works out the way you want it to. Will you continue to blog ?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I hated my previous practice, Humungous Neurology, Inc.

Going solo 10 years ago was scary, but I at least already had a referral base.

Now I'm SO glad I did it. Solo suits my personality so much better.

And nobody can tell me not to dress better, either!

A Doc 2 Be said...

A few years ago, in a different life, I stepped out of the bounds of corporate prickhood and onto my own.

It was scary. I did lose everything... including my 401k and savings... and everything else.

However, I've never looked back and as I drive my new Escalade down the street to the house, I no longer remember how scary it all was.

Never look back, never wonder "what if" - just do...

And good luck!

thatsit said...

People aren't just going to stop having babies, bad economy or not.

When the entire family is doing what they love, it makes a huge difference in happiness. Chase that happiness.

Wick E. Scratch said...

@A Doc 2 Be - you lost your 401k? Or are you meaning that you lost the company matching?

@ER's Mom (or anyone) What is "locuming"?

I know that where I live they are always looking for various doctors and mid-levels ... the city is growing, there are some colleges in town, with a few others not far away ... And, the climate would be the same as you are used to in Michigan, I would assume.

I'll share more if you are interested ...

rlbates said...

Don't know his field, but how about looking into moving into Arkansas. We have several colleges, nice people, and can always use more OB-Gyns. Best wishes to you.

ER's Mom said...

Thanks folks. I've written up a letter of resignation, although I haven't dated it yet. Something else happened last week that is pushing me just an inch closer.

@Wick - Locum tenens is like a substitute doctor for a practice - to cover vacations or medical leave. There are many companies that do this...and it feels like they have all called!

Don said...

Don't be afraid to look in Idaho

They just opened a new Community College in the Boise area.