Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A trend I can do without:

Taking pictures of (insert bodily fluid output) on your cell phone.

Trust me, I really don't want to see your mucus plug floating in your toilet.




Grumpy, M.D. said...

Maybe cell phones should be available by prescription only.

Neuroscience PhD said...

I take pictures of my kids' rashes to show the pediatrician, but I draw the line at a mucus plug.

ER's Mom said...

Rashes make sense. Plus it has the advantage of being able to see the progression of the lesion in time.

Vag discharge...not so much. I also don't need to look at your panty liner.


Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Once again, I'm thankful to have higher-quality friends than the average person. I have thus far never received a photo of someone's bodily fluids (although I have been brought samples of poop by patients, which is an even greater joy).

Red Stethoscope said...

EWW to photos of discharge! There should be an advisory for usage on cell phone cameras.

Ms. Donna said...

Grumpy, like Neuroscience PhD, I did take photos of rashes and skin lesions of my kids.

Of course this was a while ago. I used the then-new digital Nikon to show progression of rash to their MD.

My kids are grown now and they can see their own MDs if they have a rash, so this was when Noah was around.

I do agree that other stuff can be, well, gross.