Thursday, May 17, 2012


If you are a FP doc, and you are seeing a patient for irregular periods, AND you send me your office note...

noting the date of LMP is useful. Really. You had seen her multiple times in the last 6 months...nowhere is documented an LMP.



Solitary Diner (Also Known as The Frugalish Physician) said...

Some other things that would be nice from family docs:

1) A baseline creatinine for patients referred to Nephrology.
2) A baseline CBC for patients referred to Hematolgy.
3) Baseline liver enzymes for patients referred to Hepatology.

Etc, etc. You'd think this would be pretty easy, and yet!

ER's Mom said...

Or a couple of days ago, they had ordered a pelvic ultrasound for irregular cycles and a small solitary fibroid (less than 2 cm) was found. Please do NOT tell patient that her scan is VERY abnormal and she needs to see GYN stat.

Her FSH was consistent with perimenopause, as was the history from the patient. It took a lot of time to explain to her that fibroids are super common & if she's not having symptoms, then leave the damned thing be.

Liana said...

Eep. SD and ER's Mom, that's appalling.

Anonymous said...

In turn:
OB/GYN's: don't stop the patients blood pressure medicines and then call me twice in a week because the patient's blood pressure is up.

Don't tell an otherwise healthy 51 year old woman to take an ASA and then send her to a hematologist when she has some increased bruising

We all make boneheaded moves. I know I have made mine.