Thursday, November 22, 2012

My FAVORITE holiday!

Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday. To me, it is when I need to sit back and reflect on how lucky I am.

I am thankful for my best friend, my husband. I don't what I'd do without him, and I never want to find out.

I am thankful for my two kids, who are growing up into kind and caring people. I have so much fun being their mom.

I am thankful for my health. I still have orthopedic issues, but overall it's good.

I am thankful for a job that I love to do and for an employer who understands that I only want to be part-time for now. And who just ordered me an iPhone. ;)

I am thankful for my dogs, who give us lots of love and slurps.

I am thankful for the roof over my head, the clothes on my back, and the (too much) food in my belly. I recognize that not everyone has the same opportunities as I have had.

I am thankful for my friends, who are wonderful people with big hearts.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Oooooooooh. An iPhone!

ER's Mom said...

I know. It arrived on Wednesday, I picked it up after surgery & have been playing with it ever since.

ruzzel01 said...

I know how happy you are. Enjoy!

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Unknown said...

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