Friday, May 24, 2013


Medicine is full of them - some are easy, like starting a family. Some are harder - do I choose medicine versus surgery for this problem?

Some are heartbreakingly awful. Any choice leads to a bad outcome. Allowing your seriously ill teen to enter hospice. Organ donation. Every clinical field can give examples, they're just more common in some like geriatrics and palliative medicine.

We don't have many, but the ones we have are big ones. And we just have to remember not to judge, for we have been lucky enough to live our lives not to have to make those decisions.   Yet.


Anonymous said...

Oh..sounds like you've had what my daughter calls a "sthinker" day- 'what ever you think..outcome (usually) stink...' You're so right- those big decisions hit us all at some point in our lives...and the easy ones aren't usually hard to make (and therefore can sometimes even be taken for granted) What a great post to make us realise and appreciate how good our lives really are most of the time - and to support those who might need to be making those big choices. **disclaimer - in our country - 'stink' = bad, horrid, not fun, bad luck, as well as an unpleasant smell!..Just in case there is any confusion - often words can be part of a countries lingo nationally for whatever reason - but sometimes this doesnt mix well internationally!!

rlbates said...

Don't know what your current hard choice might be, but best to you as you make it. (have not been good at keeping up with reading lately, sorry).

Knot Telling said...

So beautifully expressed.

It's that "yet" that keeps me humble. Humble and grateful.