Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Damned doctors!

They are the worst fucking patients. Worse than nurses. And that's saying something because nurses are lousy patients.

So my partner injured her hand while biking. Her dominant hand. Surgery is scheduled soon. The idiot won't take time off of work, even though we've all told her "We got this." She has canceled her OR time for the next month. She's gimping through office, obviously hurting.



Mary said...

*soft chuckle* It's programmed in during med school, right? I used a family practitioner for my deliveries. At one point he was paged(90s) and fell leaving church. He broke his wrist. The local hand guy did surgery, pinned it, etc... A couple of week later one of Dr G's "ladies" went into labor. He went to the casting clinic in the hospital and cut the cast off himself. Delivered baby and called the hand guy who was not happy.

One of my kids had a broken wrist at the same time and I actually got the story from both doctors because the hand guy told my son to tell Dr G he was a lousy patient.

Nurse Karin said...

OK, I admit, I am a bad patient nurse. Nobody has told me so though right on my face.