Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Call and its consequences

So my last weekend call blew. Pages galore, hubby sleeping on the couch so he wouldn't wake up, getting called in at the ass crack of dawn for a delivery, not remembering conversations with the nurses regarding a triage.

That's the life of an OB.

It sucks. Hard.

Many OBs decide fuck it and stop doing OB. Can't say I blame them. Younger generation is looking at the olds and thinking "WTF?" Laborist movement is gaining momentum. I have to admit, shift work sounds soooooooo tempting.


Anonymous said...

LOL- I found myself apologizing to my OB for my 2:30AM delivery (I was really glad she was there though!)!

3p2g said...

I knew someone who (of course had about 25 years under his belt) dropped the OB part of his ObGyn practice and just did the Gyn part, passing along the Ob patients to his younger, eager partners. Did that a few years then, signed up for part-time shift work at his hospital. Spent the other part-time of his work teaching basics to M1s. Set schedule and no more craziness.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Obviously, this is a guy thing. When I'm on call I go to the couch, also to let my spouse sleep.

ER's Mom said...

@Grumpy, just means you two are good husbands.

Anonymous said...

Memories. I am an eon happier post- reproductive endocrinology & infertility fellowship.