Sunday, January 26, 2014


For the kind thoughts.

I'm typing this one-handed, so it'll be short. Ortho found a fixable mess in the shoulder, something no amount of PT would have fixed. So it looks like I made a good choice.

Back on the Percocet diet - haven't had much to eat since before surgery because of nausea. I'm still amazed at how much ortho surgery hurts!

Decided that my plan to return to work Monday was a wee bit optimistic. Just like everyone told me it would be. I'm surprised that my office manager hasn't tried to strangle me yet.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. Sorry you're going through this :(

ER's Mom said...


Part of this blog is to show that us docs are human and we have lives that are as varied as everyone else's - parenting, workplace difficulties, illness, silliness. It also acts as my journal, so when I need some mental relief, I come here.

It's 4:30 in the morning, I need the percocet to kick in.