Friday, May 30, 2014

Some thoughts

Yesterday was a decent enough day in the office. Lots of OB visits. Cute siblings bragging about "their" baby. Talking about birth control with some postpartum patients. Nothing unusual. I tell my patients when everything is fine: "You're boring." I said that a lot yesterday.

Boring is good. Boring means that things are going the way they are supposed to go. Boring means healthy moms, healthy babies. Boring means I may not know your name until 37ish weeks. THAT IS NOT A BAD THING!!!!!! Nonboring means I'm having the pre-eclampsia discussion at 33 weeks. Talking to you about scheduling a version versus a section. Sending you to the ultrasound room because I haven't found heart tones with the doppler.

Trust me, you want to be boring. And quite frankly, I'm too old for non-boring. Excitement is not a good thing in medicine.


Grumpy, M.D. said...


Anonymous said...

I am 38+3 right now and VERY happy to be boring my OB to death. And I hope to continue to be so boring she doesn't even remember me... except for how very adorable my little girl will be, of course.

Lisa said...

Well, you would never have learned my name. I never made it that far.

Medikabazaar said...

Well said ! Boring is the new fun in medicine now a days.