Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Doctors are THE WORST FUCKING PATIENTS!!!!! And for once, the patient is not me.

I need my head examined when scheduling fibroidy uteri for removal.

Writing eulogies is hard & I suck.

The house is really quiet without the boy running around (he's at summer camp this week).

I am never going to California again.

I don't even want to know how much I've spent on airline tickets the last few months.

Shit, I now own 2 homes again.

I need to go to the casino - I figure I should have good luck, regression to the mean and all.

I did NOT need the van conking out last week. I don't have time for that shit.


Rural_Obgyn said...

One day at a time. See Jane Baxter Miller's version of a song by this name on iTunes. It is a gospel song but equally applicable for anyone of any faith or no faith who is trying to stay above water.

Anonymous said...

Donate the "extra" house to a charity of your choice such as habitat for humanity. Just imagine the smile on a needy persons face to to finally have a place to call their own.Make something positive out of something heartbreaking that happened to you. And what a great way to honor a deceased loved one to donate it in their honor. Sorry about your loss, hope the week starts looking up

Unknown said...


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