Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I hate 3 am deliveries.

I hate 4 am deliveries.

I really hate 5 am deliveries.

I hate my shit magnet status.

I wish laboring patients would come in for my partners and not me.

Seriously, why do they all come in for me? (in fairness, I have one other partner who has similar luck)

6% section rate? REALLY? REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?

This weekend killed my 0% episiotomy rate, however. Oh, well. Everyone came out the intended route.

My vacation cannot come fast enough.

I'm sick of post-menopausal bleeds. Lately I've been the D&C queen.

I hate computers.

I LOATHE meaningful use.

Got my first 2016 EDC patient this week.

Being a high-maintainence drama queen will kill office morale quick.

Being the easy-going one means you get walked upon.

I hate vag hysts.

But I got a nice compliment from multiple OR nurses - they tell me I do a nice vag hyst & if they need one, they'll have me do it.

I daydream about GYN only sometimes.

I am not a miracle worker.

No, I did NOT know about crazypants' heroine use while pregnant. Hell, I didn't even KNOW she was knocked up again.


Anonymous said...

Love this post. So relate, from a fellow dark cloud (nurses on L&D call me "the hurricane" because dark cloud does not do my luck justice). Hope your vacation is super soon. That is all. ~dr. whoo

OldfoolRN said...

As a scrub nurse, I hated vag hysts too. We used to just line the instruments up and stand there and it was self-service. That weighted speculum used to give me nightmares, that was one scary instrument. Your blog is very interesting. For a look at the good old days of healthcare please see my blog at oldfoolrn.blogspot.com

ER's Mom said...

Just don't let the weighted spec land on your foot. I've done that twice, it hurts like a mother.

OldfoolRN said...

Those weighted speculums are hard to handle when covered in blood, Surgi-lube, or who knows what else. From the Old Fool Surgical Instrument Design Center, it's the slip-proof weighted speculum with a space age slip proof, pedal protective finish. I've already made my vast fortune from years of being a scrub nurse, so someone else can cash in on this revolutionary new instrument.

Anonymous said...

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