Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rain, rain

We've gotten a foot of rain in the last couple of days. The entire downtown area is flooded. So far, our sump-pump has held (whew!). The creek near our house has overflowed its banks and the street is blocked off. I took the kids to go and look at it...this creek is normally all of a few inches deep. It's now around 6-7 FEET deep.

I tried to get to the hospital for an elective c-section this morning. Couldn't. Every way that I know was barricaded or otherwise blocked. Normally it takes me 7 minutes to drive the 3 miles. I spent an hour trying every route. I initially tried a route that one of the nurses who lives in my subdivision had said was open when she got on shift at 5 am. By 8 am, it was flooded out and barricaded.

Nursing homes were evacuated - the residents are now in the local hospital. The hospital is under a disaster plan. Staff there is staying (since most can't get home anyway).

I'm thinking flood insurance would be a damn fine idea...

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