Saturday, September 22, 2007


I'm in OB-Gyn. I'm here on purpose, seeing as how it was the specialty that I loved in medical school. And ideally, I would be doing only OB-Gyn. Not primary care. Not psych. I'm not trained in it and more importantly, I can't keep up in's hard enough to keep up with the stuff in my OWN specialty.

But anyway, I have figured out that I see about 15% OB, 15% Gyn, 30% primary care stuff, and 40% psych. Because I know this, I went the other night to listen to a talk on depression. It's bad when I know the ICD-9 code (a billing code for insurance companies) for that, but yet not for fibroids (311 BTW is depression).

I had a day a few months ago out of my 4 new paps, 1 was binge drinking, 1 had thought about suicide last year but had never told anyone, 1 is likely anorexic. I'm glad that they felt comfortable enough to talk to me, but I will admit, I am not the best person for this.

And THAT is why women need a family doctor.

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