Monday, December 17, 2007

Thinking outside of the, um, box

When I was a senior resident, we had several memorable bad interns. One, in particular, stands out. She was foreign and although she spoke wonderful "Queen's English", she was hopeless at interpreting the slang of the clinic population.

So she goes into a room to take care of a patient. "What is the matter?"

"My box hurts."

"Please explain." (no, I am NOT making up this conversation!)

"My box hurts."

"What is this box that you are speaking of?"

I'm doubled over and crying by now because this is too damn funny. I can't look at the nurse in the room with us (I was in the room to supervise the intern because the attending was tied up and the nurse was in there to help us get stuff out/labeled/etc).

She washed out of the program...communication is important, even if only about boxes. ;)

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