Wednesday, December 19, 2007

TV I Love

I don't watch a lot of TV. No time. But I love (in no particular order):

1. Mythbusters. Dude, they blow STUFF UP. How cool is that?

2. Project Runway. I don't care about fashion. I can't sew fabric (but my skin incisions look beautiful - shoulda done plastics!). But I find the process of creativity interesting. Plus, nutty artists = angsty entertainment! And I don't care if Tim Gunn is gay, he's too cool. Carry on!

3. Scrubs. Where else on TV can you find a show that is hysterically funny one moment and the next moment seriously depict religion within America? Few other shows will even say the word abortion, yet the main character and his pregnant girlfriend seriously debated about one. And well, all of us docs have a Dr. Perry Cox in our past. I just started watching the reruns on Comedy Central.

4. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I love to watch The People's Court and other shows of that ilk. But the only time I do is during my vacations, since they are on during the daytime. WHEN NORMAL PEOPLE WORK! I can feel my IQ falling when I watch them, almost enough for me to call ITT Technical Institute. ;)

5. Ice Road Truckers. It blows my mind that there are people insane enough to drive a bigrig on a frozen lake! Enjoy your bling and think of these men.
ER's Mom
Runway has a new episode on tonight...

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