Thursday, January 8, 2009

Follow-up to last post

And days as a doc can run the gamut. Take a day I had recently - awesome OR day! I ended running an hour ahead of schedule by the end of the morning, everything went so smoothly and perfectly.

Then I went to my office - I had patients scheduled from 1-5. My first patient lost her pregnancy. Again. So we cried. We discovered undiagnosed twins on a late care patient - mono-mono (a type of twin that has a high rate of in-utero loss). I'm falling further and further behind schedule because explanations take time!

Then the ultrasonographer came out of her room in tears to show me the films from the next patient - a type of anomaly that will cause the infant to expire shortly after delivery. My heart sank. We go into my office to look at our texts to verify our diagnosis and to get some info so that I can appropriately counsel the patient. Some things are so rare, that I can say "Yeah I've heard of them...but let me look it up to be certain." This was one of them. I then accompany her into the ultrasound room to view live pictures...and my heart is sinking as I see the very rare malformation. Shit. She's not on my schedule but she needs answers, so we talk.

The high risk docs loved the referrals from that day (as a rule, if we find anything funky, we consult MFM for verification). The shit magnet strikes again!

My entire staff left the office that night in tears.

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