Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I like going to conferences. This one was in the city where I did my residency...lots of catching up with various people. I was introduced to one of the BIG NAMES tm in our field...he was impressed when he started quizzing the audience during his presentation and I answered every question correctly. He even went into minute trivia trying to get me! Neener-neener!

Heard some data that made me think. Heard some info that will change how I practice. The best one, though, was from an ID doc who presented an update on laws involving HIV testing in our state. Woo Hoo! Less paperwork is now required!

The nice thing about going to conferences is being able to bounce ideas off of other docs. I have challenging patients, so it's nice to hear other people's thoughts on how to care for them. The hard thing about solo practice is that I've lost this.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Exactly the reason I don't go to conferences. I avoid other neurologists like the plague.

ER's Mom said...

How neurologists always look rumpled? We have 2 on staff & I swear, both of them always look like they just rolled out of bed! ;)