Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alpha and Omega

Strange day. Literally saw new beginnings and endings.

Was lucky enough to nuzzle a 2 hour old baby of a friend (I didn't deliver). He is perfect. I had baby fingers curled around my finger. I was stroking little baby feet. Life is good with a baby around...especially one you can give back to the parents! (I LOVE being an aunt!)

Went to a visitation of a coworker's boyfriend, who died unexpectedly. She's devastated.

Got called in at midnight by the ER...a late second trimester demise. She delivered moments after I walked into the room.

A few hours later, caught a baby, whose older, stillborn brother I had caught last year. This morning, after hearing the squalls of this baby, every family member in the room burst into tears. I give moms a hug after every delivery, and this one took some time to extract myself from...the emotions were running high.

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