Monday, August 30, 2010


I want to strangle patients who:

1. Call after hours for idiotic stuff. See last post.

2. Want me to fill out the "Stop the mean ol' electric company from shutting off my power" when they don't freakin' work! Get off of your lazy ass and job hunt.

3. Use pregnancy as an excuse "I can't work." Honey, I fucking OPERATED the morning I was admitted to the hospital.

4. Go to the ER for "pain" and get their 4th CT scan of the calendar year. Oh, they have no insurance either. And they hospital hop, so no one place knows that she had been scanned last month FOR THE EXACT SAME THING!!!! Gawd, then I get to see her as an "ER follow-up" visit.

5. Bitch that they are in severe pain and can I write for some Lortab? Because you know, she's allergic to Motrin. She got a script for Celebrex. I'll lay good money that there will be a phone call tomorrow...



Grumpy, M.D. said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and yes.

BinkRN said...

Our docs in the ER will occasionally get a letter, or sometimes a patient will sign in to be seen- that request the MD to authorize disability payments/status. Even better- to sign off on a continuance of disability benefits.
Nevermind that they saw this patient once, maybe twice, well over a year ago. And the patient has never followed up with a primary MD.
They just assumed that the 3 days the ER doc gave them off work for their injury was an excuse to stay off work for a year.
Or to refill meds- pharmacies love to fax refill requests to the ED. Seriously. This is ridiculous.