Saturday, April 23, 2011

I need new reading material

So I'm reading the latest AJOG (gray journal). I turn the page right as my hubby comes up behind me. The page I turn to is a case report of vaginal evisceration of bowel after a fall.

It has a picture of the congested small bowel coming out of her vagina.

Hubby sees the picture. Hubby is now grossed out.

I'm laughing.


Hirra said...

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Officer Cynical said...

That can happen???

ER's Mom said...

Evidently. It was a case report, so it's very unusual.

Many docs keep in their heads a list of cool cases/ teaching case. I myself have a list of cases that I want to one day write up as a case report. One of them stumped the Pathology dept at

Cyndel said...

Wow! I'm always intrigued by unusual medical cases. Some things our bodies do when put is certain situations is just plain mind blowing!

arzt4empfaenger said...

There were some things I was reluctant to read too openly while on public transport, I guess this would have been one of them! (On the other hand trying to hide it isn't going over well either, since you look like you'd just be secretly looking at porn, making people try to peek even more, haha!)