Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm a late convert, having finally joined a few months back...more so that I can keep up with former coworkers/friends.

But...BATSHIT FUCKING NUTZ patients are not going to get the OK to be my FB pal. Now, I do have some former patients as FB friends. But they are all level 1s (see this post) and some I knew as a person before she became my patient.

Last thing I need is a level 4 or 5 knowing personal info about me!


Lisa said...

2. Crazy. These are the "fun crazy" folks. A little off, but you don't cringe when you see them on the schedule.

I think this is where I think I fall with most of my doctors. Crazy enough to keep them amused but all my quirks really are justified. At least they don't run out of the room screaming or pulling at their hair.

rlbates said...

Would be happy to be your FB friend as well as a blogger friend. :)