Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Med school memories

I have to get the previous post further down the page...hurts to see that picture.

Anyway, I got married on a Saturday. Started medical school on the following Monday...that's right less than 48 hours later. Oh, and we had to move into the apartment. And how was YOUR honeymoon?  ;)

So the first week is orientation. Meet people. Meet the gal who has become my BFF...we even did residency together. We were in each other's deliveries. We're godparents to each others' kids.

So the first week of honest to god classes, we get the stereotypical firehose. 4 hours of lecture in the am followed by 4 hours in anatomy lab in the pm. Unlike others in my class, I had prosected before...and had prepared by bringing an old T-shirt and a pair of sweats to leave permanently the locker room. I knew I would throw them out at the end of the lab class. Never brought them home. Always changed out of them ASAP after class.

So that first Monday after lab, I come waltzing into our apartment. I am still a newlywed and my sweetheart is standing at the door, waiting for me.  I go up to him, intending to kiss him when he wrinkles his nose and says "You stink."

From then on, I was to shower ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog! My honeymoon consisted of me, my new husband, our cat and our car. We moved to California from Canada two days after our wedding. It was a temporary move (three years) so we left behind just about everything. Good times.

Christie Critters said...

I had a one day honeymoon before i needed to go back to work...lucky my boss let me off for the wedding - "The ceremony is at 1 PM, surely you could open...."
The REAL honeymoon came 4 years later when my husband bartered a summer of lawn work for a week on a 30 foot sailboat.

ER's Mom said...

Oh, that sounds like a FABULOUS honeymoon!