Saturday, March 10, 2012




Republican primaries

Sandra Fluke

Sex is part of the human condition. It's also a hell of a lot of fun. And most people having sex are aware of the consequences and take measures to prevent adverse ones. And we, as adults, need to educate the kids in sexual matters - BEFORE they start dating. Yes, you can get knocked-up the first time. Oral sex does NOT prevent STDs. Maybe if you've had chlamydia 3 times with this guy, you may want to reconsider bumping naughties.

But there seems to be a loud group of people who are anti-sex.  And anti-education.  We know that abstinence only education fails miserably. It's really bad here in bum-fuck fly-over country - I about had a coronary at the school's open house when they talked about the health class.

These are the folks that I fear. For they seem to want to increase government to tell doctors as to what tests are needed in pregnancy. What meds should be covered under insurance plans. What may NOT be spoken of in class, even if a student directly asks.

I have a friend who is an ex-pat in Canada...starting to sound tempting.


Fizzy said...

Here here. I am baffled that suddenly birth control has become a matter of national debate, when it's something 99% of women have used. This is the only first world country that's so prudish.

Pale said...

"If men could get pregnant, birth control would be a sacrament." ;-)

EMT GFP said...

Seconding Fizzy and in relation to Pale, why is birth control only a "female issue"? What about all the men out there?

And lastly, my boyfriends thoughts on this can be summed up in this phrase of his: "When was the last time you told a woman what to do with her body? Yeah, how did that go? Not well? Not surprised."

Laura said...

Silly Dr. Republicans don't HAVE sex.

PA Honeybee said...

I'm totally with Fizzy. Birth control is not a matter of debate, it is very useful. There would be a lot more Michelle Duggars in this country without it! I wish more women who shouldn't be mothers would use it!