Friday, March 16, 2012


So on spring break, I'm using the hotel's computer to surf the net. I try to get onto my blog.


So I tried other ways. Google didn't work. Using the link from Grumpy's site didn't help.

Evidently this site "may contain inappropriate material".

Do you want to know what post caused it?

This one.

I told DH this & he looked at me and said "That is one of least objectionable posts you've made! They didn't comment on you writing the word fuck in damned near every post?


Your Doctor's Wife said...

You're joking! I guess I am too for my "Show Me Your Juicy Boobs" post? Oh well.

Rick Santorum said...

I flagged your blog for pornography, and am proud of it.

Things like birth control, periods, and breasts are all inappropriate for discussion.

If you women would stop using birth control, you'd have fewer periods, and we'd have more taxpayers to support our government.

The fact that you're a doctor is setting a bad example for ALL children as to what a woman's proper role in our society is.

Jenny said...

All American women have my sympathy for having people with ideas like Santorums in their lives