Friday, June 8, 2012

5:15 Last night

Pregnant caller. "I've had a head cold for a week."

Me. "And..."

"I need antibiotics."

"Any other symptoms?"

"Just a really runny nose."

"Have you tried a decongestant? Or saline spray?"

"No. I KNOW that I'm sick & I need an antibiotic."

"I won't call in an antibiotic for anyone that I have not examined."

"Fine. I have an appointment tomorrow with MY doctor. She'll give it to me." Insert snotty, entitled tone here.



Grumpy, M.D. said...

I get that too, usually along the lines of "no one else will give them to me, so I'm calling you."

Nectarine said...

I'm no doc-tur but aren't antibiotics pretty useless for a cold aka a virus?

Mary said...

What nectarine said. I developed alergies during my second pregnancy (maybe I was allergic to him!) and had a perpetual runny nose. I was so worried about taking anything I didn't even ask to take a decongestant. People amaze my age. I really should be over this.

ER's Mom said...

Nectarine, you are right. Whether it's a viral URI, allergies (common time of year for them), or even (most cases of) sinusitis...antibiotics are not indicated.

I last had antibiotics 4 years, for a cellulitis of my right knee. Antibiotic use should be rare. It's not. :(

Miss Chevious said...

"Insert snotty, entitled tone here." Pun intended? :)