Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On time

Monday, I had office in the morning and OR cases in the afternoon. I finished up my office and then wandered into the surgery area. I was about 45 minutes early.

From the control desk: "You're here already? I just sent your room's team to lunch!"

"Don't worry, I can catch up on my medical records until they come back."

From the CRNA assigned to my room: "You are ALWAYS early!"

I blame my mother...she was extremely anal about being on time and I have the same habit.

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Pandora said...

I'm with ya. I hate hate HATE not being on time. I don't care if it's a doctors appointment, work, lunch with a friend, a birthday party- it feels so rude to me to be late. I want to scream when the same people are late to everything- especially co-workers. I don't know, to me it feels like the other person is saying, "My time is more important than yours." Doctors offices and hospitals are exceptions, though, because you have no way of knowing what is going to roll in next.