Sunday, September 23, 2012


Of course it was 20 weeks, not even close to viable. But her fetus had multiple anomalies, confirmed with multiple scans (including MRI). Both MFMs agreed that this was not compatible with life outside the womb. I was either seeing her or signing off on new consults daily.

She came to her visibly upset. Can’t blame her. We needed to talk, and not the usual easy “How ya doin’” type of visit. We needed to talk what she wanted to do with what we knew. Whether she wanted to terminate or to carry. Whether she wanted to do it in a big city, where anonymity was likely or here, in BFE…where it was a risk to her. If she wanted me to help her, or someone else…not an easy conversation. But a much needed one.

She decided. I supported her in the choice she made for her and the child. I’m not even going to tell you what choice she made…except to tell you I delivered two children of hers. One lived…and one died.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone treats this subject as black and white but there is so much gray. Thank you for being a supportive physician, and sharing where the lines blur. What a terrible choice to have to make for the mom; she is lucky to have a doctor like you.