Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Changing it up

Usually, I use this blog as a vent to bitch about the craziness around me. This post will be different.

Monday, 1/7. Office hours in the morning, surgery in the afternoon. Nice patients in the morning. Absolutely adorable big siblings at appointments to hear "their baby". Nice mix of things - paps, OB, insert IUDs, discuss scheduling surgery.

OR - 4 cases, 3 majors and 1 minor. All cases go well. My vaginal hysterectomy went as smooth as it could. Cute babies from c-section. The worst part was the last case started late due to L&D needing some extra time to figure out staffing (several patients in labor walked in right before we were scheduled to start). And if that was the worst, that is pretty damn good. Besides, I have Angry Birds on my phone - at least I have something to do while waiting.   ;)

It's days like that that totally make up for some of the shit that happens. (don't ask about my last call weekend...).


AtYourCervix said...

As the sometimes charge nurse on L&D, thank you for being patient while the nursing staff figured out how to handle the unexpected influx of laboring women and be able to do your scheduled c-section case. Thank you.

ER's Mom said...

I can either be an asshole about it, or realize that sometimes shit happens.

The upside of this, is when I pitch a fit, people PAY ATTENTION - because if I'm showing some urgency/anger, it must be important.

Unknown said...
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