Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Overheard in waiting room

People are the same everywhere. I was in the waiting room during my mom's case. I was planning on doing some work, writing up a lecture. Instead, I listened to this for over 30 minutes (I was texting a friend during this time, I have time stamps on this!). It was more entertaining than going to the CDC website to get some stats.

Slightly disheveled lady is on the courtesy phone in the waiting room. She talks loud. I'm sitting about 10 feet away, so my laptop can be plugged into the wall.

First phone call: You KNOW he fucking took my percocet! That SOB. Long, drawn out conversation about living situation.

Second phone call: Sounds like it's to another friend. The SOB also took her cell phone.

Third phone call: Sounds like it's to some local apartment complex, trying to deal with getting an apartment.

Fourth phone call: To the orthopod's office for more percocet.

Fifth phone call (we're going on 25+ minutes at this point): To a friend bitching that the goddamned doctor doesn't understand pain.

Sixth phone call: Trying to get a ride to somewhere.

Except for location, this could be my patient. Easily.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

She will be. After she called me with the 7th phone call, I gave her your number.

Officer Cynical said...

Then she called me to report her Percocet stolen, so she could use the report to get a new script.

ER's Mom said...

@Officer Cynical, BTDT. sigh.

Unknown said...
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