Friday, February 28, 2014

Baby steps...

Was given to OK to go back into the OR but start with easier cases. And have a partner assist, just in case it gets bad in the middle of a case.

I'm actually more worried about a difficult vaginal delivery. I know that pre-operatively, there were some hairy deliveries that I did. And the next 1-2 days after them, I paid the price. If I have a bad looking strip and I think I can get the kid out faster with a vacuum, that's what I'll do. But people don't realize the physicality of that. And there's no time to call for back-up, I'll just have to do it.

And I was scrubbed into the section, but my partner wouldn't let me do anything other than cut suture and announce gender. I was more useless than a med student! It's funny, I literally did nothing in the case but the parents are thrilled that I was there. One of the grandmas works at the PT place I go to and at my appointment today, she came over to thank me. And I told ortho at my appointment, he had already known (small hospital...lots of people ratted me out)

Looks like I'm going to be the D&C and lap tubal queen for awhile. I have 2 cases booked that I know are going to be bad...I decided to push them out to June and torture my senior-most partner with being the assist on those 2 cases. Just going to wish for no surprise endometriosis in my cases for quite some time.

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