Thursday, February 20, 2014

Follow up

It's 5 am, been up for hours thanks to landing wrong on my shoulder whilst sleeping. Trying to keep off narcotics is meaning that sleeping is now dependent upon me staying off of the bad side. I frequently fail to stay off the bad side. I gave up and took a Percocet around 3. Hopefully it'll wear off before I need to work today.

Someone asked previously if this and my mother's situation has changed me as a doctor. Yes and no.

No. I've always tried to treat people how I want my family to be treated. It's just the right thing to do. Am I perfect? No. But I honestly try. And I do care about my patients. Don't tell ortho, but I'm assisting in a section next week because I really like my patient - and she really likes me. I delivered her first child. We are lucky in OB, we get to build relationships like that.

Yes. I'm frustrated with my mom's situation. It seems to have spiraled quickly. Communication from her docs (and admittedly, I'm getting this via my sister and mother) is lackluster at best. This has made me re-evaluate my communication skills & hopefully work to improve them.

Waiting. Wait for this result. Wait for that appointment. I'm better at giving patients a timeline now for when info will be available.

Pain. For those with diagnosed diseases, I'm more liberal. I'm still cautious prior to the work-up, but I'm very sympathetic now to just how draining pain is on your life. Putting in a full day of work right now is about my limit. Another reason for me to hate endometriosis.


Anonymous said...


Your patient would not want to know you're causing further injury to yourself to assist.

Every time do go against your ortho's orders, you're running a very real chance of ending your career for good.

And you know it.

Don't be that doctor. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog, love your humility. always, I hope you get better soon. Your patients are lucky to have you :)