Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Out

That was the headline of the local newspaper on the day I was born. February in Michigan tends to be like that.

Sure fits today, though. We're hovering around 0 degrees here, freezing our toukas off. At least we haven't lost power. My office lost power on Friday, so we canceled the afternoon.

I'm hunkering down at home, drinking coffee and trying to get motivated to wrap presents. Today is normally a surgery day for me, but no one wants surgery this week - although I operated every single day last week. This day is a gift of free time, which is a rarity for me. Next week, I have a ton of surgeries before the new year - December is always a busy month for the OR, people want to have surgery before they have to meet the deductible again. January is always a slow surgery month. Because of that, I usually try to get a vacation then.

Not looking forward to driving to Michigan later in the week.

I hate winter. Why did I stay in a fly-over state, when I could have moved into the south? I hate cold, I hate snow, I hate ice.

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