Sunday, December 28, 2008


Get your charity donations in before Thursday if you itemize on your taxes for it to count against 2008 income.

Go to to check out the financials of any one that you are interested in. (yes, piss-poor grammar - so shoot me).

As for me, I support:
1. Women's rights, so I contribute to Women for Women International
2. Education, so we send $$ to our alma mater (DH and I went to the same school)
3. The local food bank will get some cash, but they also get some of my weekends.
4. Goodwill gets my kids' outgrown stuff
5. DD wants to contribute to the local Humane Society as well. I'll match her contribution to help teach her about giving.
6. The local PBS station (love the Red-Green show!)

Charities have been hit hard with the Wall Street nuclear bomb. Please, remember someone!

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