Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun times

At least Mecca is closer to me than home is, which means I can run up every day I'm not on call.

So Mom's over anti-coagulated (again), this time with a retroperitoneal bleed. She's gotten 4 units of PRBCs and some platelets (since they're down to 30). She's also acting like she's infected, although the source is nebulous. So Vanco and Zosyn are on board.

The whole team rounded when I was students, intern, resident, God. Made me smile internally. Thank god it's June! I said that outloud and Mom and her cousin asked "Why?" July 1st is the start of the new academic year...and interns are worse than clueless! They are clueless AND have the ability to write orders!

Coincidentally, her cousin was there because her niece (my second cousin) is getting her bone marrow transplant next week. Usually we do a family reunion every August at a park on Lake Michigan. I suggested the reunion site near the Mecca, where we could play spin the bottle to see who gets admitted to the onc floor at Mecca next. Gallows humor at its finest. I followed my cousin to see Emily and her mom.

Emily's mom (also my mom's cousin) is about 10 years older than me and was one of my favorite babysitters as a kid. She is just one of those people who exudes generosity and caring. I was shocked to see how she has aged in the last year. I can't imagine the hell she has been through. And yet, she still makes you feel like everything you are saying is the most important thing in the world to her. Truly a beautiful person.

I made sure to hug my kids extra hard when I got home last night.

Going back today.


dr. whoo? said...

Just checking in...hope you and your mom are hanging in there ok!

ER's Mom said...

She was discharged today. Neutropenic fever resolved, retroperitoneal bleed stable. My hubby picked her up and drove the 5+ hours to my sister's house to drop her off. He'll be back tomorrow.

I think I am going insane.

I'm home with the kids...and with an early start in the OR tomorrow. :(