Friday, September 11, 2009

Cow story

So I'm in BFE. I can buy a cow and get it butchered pretty easily. In fact, my supplier is an L&D nurse. Many women around here work for the hospital to get insurance coverage for their farmer spouses, but I digress.

So I came home and said at the dinner table "I bought a cow."

DD's response : "It's going to live in our yard?"

"No. In our freezer." DH shot me the look.

Had DH pick up the order today. We now have about 400 pounds of beef at our home. Ummm...t-bones.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Geez. I'm gonna have to moooooove near you. Sounds like you guys eat better than we do here in Grumpyville. On hectic nights we just have cereal or grab Taco Bell.

I went to med school in a cowtown where ads for that sort of thing were common. My roommate and I never did the cow thing, though. Neither of us could cook beyond Top Ramen, PB&J, and spaghetti.

Anne said...

My hubby is a city guy and I grew up on a farm.We bought a side of beef every year when I was growing up. I talked to my husband about getting a big freezer and buying a half of cow and pig. He seemed in disbelief at first and incredulous that I would even want to do that. After talking to him for awhile I realized he thought it was basically an animal cut in half thrown in the freezer and when we wanted some we went out and sawed a chunk off.
And yes I tell the story anytime I can.