Thursday, September 24, 2009


A 19 (nineteen?!?!?!?) pound baby.



Dana (dh418) said...

Was that delivered naturally? What size was the head?

My parts are hurting just thinking about it. Ouch indeed!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Was this a farm animal? I thought you only did humans?

ER's Mom said...

The article didn't say if it was a vag or section. The kid was delivered in the third world, but I'm not going to make assumptions.

Either way...OUCH!!!!

And yes, I only deliver humans. Or those who claim to be, but we're not really sure if they're from our planet or even our galaxy. ;)

Jedi Meg said...

I saw an article from the country where this baby was delivered (Indonesia), and that article did say that it was a c-section.

The Bus Driver said...

thats not a baby, thats a dang toddler!!! lol

poor mother!

jen said...

sheesh, 2 of my kids did not even weigh 19 lbs when they were a year old!