Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday night call


Check on the other 2 laboring. They're both fine. Head for call room at 11 pm to nap before delivering the next one.

Between 11 and 1 get 15 pages...mostly dumbass stuff. I actually asked one patient "Why ARE you calling me at midnight for this? This is for emergencies only!" She wanted to know what OTC meds she could take while pregnant. She obviously didn't read/lost the handout we give on that at the first appointment.

1 am...called for repetitive decels. Get the baby looking better than head back to sleep.

4:30 am called for delivery of baby.

6 am get back to bed after delivery.

8:43 am dumb husband calls to ask what I am doing. I might have been a little snippy to him.

10 am finish rounding. Break 3 girl's water to place internal since she isn't making much change.

Anyone would to take bets on zippering her this afternoon?


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Hmm. Are the odds better that Dumbass husband will be duct taped?

ER's Mom said...

No, since while I was posting this entry, my cell rang with the charge nurse telling me to get my ass in ASAP for fetal decels to the 60.

Delivered at 1336.

Husband has not been duct taped yet. Although he DID ask what was for dinner...

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Tell him to make reservations.

ER's Mom said...

Dinner was pepper steak with rice.

He is at least cleaning up the mess I made in the he does every night.

I cook, he'll clean up. Works infinitely better than the other way around!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Mrs. Grumpy and I have that same arrangement, oddly enough.

We met at out favorite Mexican place by the hospital, and didn't have to clean up, this time.

savvy said...

You broke someone's water because labor wasn't progressing? So you'll have to section her because of something you did?

Shouldn't you have just let labor happen on its own so that she wouldn't need the section? Sounds like unnecessary intervention....

CoffeeGirl said...

By "internal", do you mean a fetal scalp electrode?

ER's Mom said...

Dear Savvy,
IUGR, oligo, NRNST. Multiple indications for induction.

I do not do elective inductions prior to 41 weeks. The vast majority of my patients come into L&D in labor, many of them 7-8 cm.

So yes, I induced this girl for fetal indications. On a weekend...which should tell you that it was real since no doc likes to work on weekends.