Friday, January 29, 2010

Workin' for the weekend...

This week thus far:

a 4 am delivery that pushed for 3+ hours.
a discovery of an allergy to clindamycin via hives and breathing issues.
25 week twins with a foot in the vagina
A BPP of 2/ someone with a BMI over 70.
A crash section in someone with fetal heart tones in the 30s for 6 minutes.
An ER hit: "I think I see head!" Yep, doc you do. And dammit, I'm doc o'the-month.



Grumpy, M.D. said...

At those times I remember what one of my old teaching attending used to say:

"It's not busy! It's profitable!"

Unknown said...

Do doctors who work in a hospital paid a salary no matter how many patients seen or do they get paid based on patients?

ER's Mom said...

I am salaried, but every contract is different.

I do have a bonus structure based on amount of wRVUs I do.

dr. whoo? said...

ACK! (BMI of 70, really? How could the sonographer get an accurate visualization to do a BPP with all that adipose??) I hope you are off this weekend!

student dr. blaze said...


did the 25 weekers survive? (i'm hoping yes, but i realize that's probably unrealistic.)

ER's Mom said...

Dr Whoo, yes, BMI of 70. And I was in the room during the scan because the sonographer pulled me in. The pix were better than expected. The BPP sucked, no doubt. You should have seen the OR for this section...I'm on 2 lifts (I'm short!) and I had 3 assists. We had the bed extenders. Our CRNA got the epidural on the first stick! (better lucky than good we were all saying)

The twins were shipped...haven't heard back from the ivory tower folks yet.

C. said...

Forgive me, but how does someone with a BMI of 70 get knocked up? I know the biology, but really?!?!

student dr. blaze said...

C. - I'd imagine not easily. I observed a bariatric surgery and it took two nurses pushing on the patient's abdomen to get even a glimpse of his part that needed catheterization. I'd guess it would be equally difficult to find the part on a woman.... Then again, there's always IVF.

wv: methfast

memememe said...

What's a normal BMI for a pregnant woman ? About 30? I am guessing the extra 25 lbs really changes things. Wow what a challenge for a surgeon!