Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm pissed

At a particular patient.

I get paged at 2:24 am this morning (my phone was possessed last night and rang every 90 minutes or so). It was L&D, one of the nicest nurses on the line.

"Doc, one of your patients arrived by squad. She's been here about 20 minutes."

"Why'd she come?"

"She had one episode of diarrhea so she called for an ambulance."

A few choice words left my mouth. Evidently the paramedics were still there because Nice Nurse put me on speakerphone and they were laughing at my assessment (have her take some G--D--d Immodium and go home).

Yes, I work in a clinic. Yes, my patients frequently have challenging social situations. I tell people that my job is like residency but with better pay. I honestly enjoy working with and helping those who need help.

But COME ON! Use some common sense! It frustrates me to no end to see stupidity and waste. One gal I delivered last year used the ambulance so frequently, we called her squad girl.


Anonymous said...

wow. but woe to the squad that ever declines to make a run that sounds too goofy to have merit.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

"Sorry. You've already used up your 'Call an ambulance' cards for the year. You'll have to take yourself there."