Thursday, February 28, 2013


We check pregnant patients' urine. Every. Single. Visit.

Well, some of our more stellar examples of better living through chemistry club (we have the president and the treasurer right now on our patient list) are paranoid about our intentions. I really just care about the protein and the glucose. But they are convinced we run drug screens every time we check their pee. (just as an aside, that would be too much work! plus, it's not CLIA-approved)

So yesterday, Ms. President of the Better Living Through Chemistry Club brought in her SON'S pee for us to test. It was still cold from being in her fridge!



Anonymous said...

I guess she wasn't aware of 'novelty' synthetic urine.

Sadly, that really is a thing.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Yeah, a good lab tech can taste the difference.

kevel88 said...

This happened to me, too. We do UDAP's on all patients their first pn visit. Those testing positive get admission into the "early start" program and periodically have further urine tests. So one gal gets her boyfriends or kid or somebody. Unfortunately, it tested negative for pregnancy, so she was BUSTED!!