Tuesday, February 26, 2013


My duaghter takes riding lessons. She lives for horses - most of her t-shirts have horses and/or statements relating to horses on them. Her room has horse posters up all over. I think she would be happy if I gave her horse perfume (although the rest of us might turn up our noses...).

So anyhow, today is lesson day for her. And I dutifully took her there and sat in my car and read a book.  She then reappears at the car and asks "Can you hear a baby's heartbeat?"

"Yeah, with my doppler, which is at the office."

"Can you come into the stable - we have a pregnant mare."

Evidently, I'm expanding my scope of practice.


GunDiva said...

I apparently expanded my skill set a couple of years ago as well. Who knew human medical skills would be so transferable? But I still don't like irrigating a wound on a 1200# animal who could squash me.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

She didn't quite catch the '"it's at the office" part, did she?

Jennifer said...

Unless you have an adapter for your Doppler for mares, it is highly unlikely you will be able to detect the foal's heartbeat. It is almost impossible to auscult a foal's heart with a standard stethocope unless you also have access to ultrasound and the foal's position happens to be just right.

Sorry. If it's a pony or a miniature, maybe, but not a full-size horse.

Ms. Donna said...

Yes, there are practical problems, but glad daughter is catching on that Mom's profession has some advantages.

Now make sure that your daughter is there at 0:dark thirty when the foal is born. Messy, but impressive. Like humans.

The Bus Driver said...

Love ms donnas suggestion... i think she would benefit by watching the birth. :)

Jennifer said...

I suppose it's only fair. One of my veterinary school classmates delivered a human baby yesterday (not a joke). I'm sure he did a stellar job; he's pulled plenty of calves.