Tuesday, July 28, 2009


As in decision. Tomorrow Mom has an appointment at Mecca. I can't go, thanks to my cross-coverage being in Wyoming. grrrrrrrrr. And Mom told me of the appointment last week. I reminded her that Wednesdays are my OR day and that day is therefore difficult to reschedule. Plus I need more lead time than that, my schedule isn't nearly as flexible as my stay-at-home sister. It takes effort for me to get a day off! But that's a whole 'nuther rant.

So I'm sending ER's Dad up to Mecca to scout. He and I have had quite a few long discussions, so he knows my position well. If I know my sister, she'll want every thing possible to be done and I'm against that. We had this argument with our dad...

My nurse volunteered to babysit the rugrats (she works 4 10 hour days so that she has my OR day off). I'm very lucky to have her. My kids think of her as another aunt.

Last week, Mom got irradiated from head to toe - CXR, CT of abdomen/pelvis. She's hopeful that the chemo did something so that the tumor will be resectable. I'm more skeptical...out of 9 doses, she received a total of 2. She had severe marrow suppression, which was why many of the doses were canceled. We'll see.

I'm no longer allowed to ask "What else can go wrong?"

Tomorrow is going to suck. I looked at the charts for the surgeries, nothing easy, no chip-shots tomorrow.


rlbates said...

Hope the day goes better than you think. Take care.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Good luck.

In some ways these situations are easier for us, because we understand more. And in some ways harder for the same reason.